Tungsten Carbide Punch Advantages

Tungsten Carbide Punch Picture

Tungsten carbide punch is one important aspect among its four used types. In modern metal stretching production, tungsten carbide punch replaced almost all steel, drawn to a variety of steel and nonferrous metals, such as copper, aluminum and its alloys. Tungsten carbide punch has the following advantages compared to steel:

1. Good wear resistance, long-term use. Tungsten carbide punch life is the number of times or even a hundred times to steel.
2. The surface is smooth, low friction, and reducing energy consumption when punching.
3. Polishing good performance, which to ensure product quality stretch.
4. The adhesion is small, which will help to extend the life of the punch itself, and to ensure excellent surface quality of the metal stretching.
5. Good corrosion resistance.
6. The high strength and high hardness, particularly at higher temperatures still has high hardness, i.e., its red hardness is well. At 800-1000 ℃, hardness decreased by only about 20%, and it can still keep in HRC60 or more, than high-speed steel hardness at room temperature;
7. The high modulus of elasticity, rigidity, there is no obvious plastic deformation under stress;
8. The thermal expansion coefficient;
9. Good chemical stability, its high temperature oxidation behavior is no obvious.
10. The high compressive strength. It can withstand large loads and keep the same shape;

Tungsten carbide punch mainly used in industrial production and processing of bolts, nuts, steel wall screws, wood screws and rivets and other common parts.